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Fuses should be rated at about 1.5 time the maximum current flow.
Place fuses as close to the power source as possible.
Please note:
Current rating of cable refers to the maximum current the insulation can safely handle.
The cable should be rated for 2-3 times the expected current flow.
Auto wire conductor size will vary considerably depending on manufacturer. Only the outside diameter of the insulation is defined.
B&S AWG Area Square mm Wire Diameter mm
2B&S 2AWG 33.6mm2 6.54mm
3B&S 4AWG 21.2mm2 5.83mm
4B&S 20.26mm2 6.1mm
6B&S 6AWG 13.3mm2 4.12mm
8B&S 8AWG 8.37mm2 3.26mm
10B&S 10AWG 5.26mm2 2.56mm
12B&S 12AWG 3.31mm2 2.05mm
14B&S 14AWG 2.08mm2 1.63mm
15AWG 1.65mm2
16B&S 16AWG 1.31mm2 1.46mm
18B&S 18AWG .82mm2 1.16mm
Auto Cable Size Cross Section Strands/Diameter mm Auto Terminal Colour
6mm 4.6mm2 57/.32 or 65/.30 Yellow
5mm 2.9mm2 41/.30 Yellow/Blue
4mm 1.85mm2 26/.30 Blue
3mm 0.85mm2 16/.30 Red/Blue
2.5mm 0.64mm2 Red
2.0mm 0.55mm2 7/.32 Red

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