There are many situations when you need portable power. You may not have room in your vehicle to mount a second battery, or you just may want the flexibility that a portable battery pack offers.


Yo will need tho determine how you will be using the battery pack i.e. how much power you will draw between charging, where you need to charge (e.g. him or on the road). This will then determine how you will charge the battery packs.
The rule of thumb for a multi stage charger is around 10% to 15% of the AGM or Gel battery capacity, so for a 100Ah battery, the ideal charger should be 10-15A.
One thing to consider is how you will charge the battery pack. Most inbuilt chargers are not enough to charge a battery that has been down to it’s minimum capacity (50% for lead acid) while you are driving. Charging directly from the alternator is fast, however, this will only charge the battery to around 80%. You will also need heavy cable (>=6B&S) and a way of isolating the battery pack when the engine is not running (to avoid flattening the starter battery). If you are using the battery packs for extended periods, I suggest heavy cabling and a DC-DC charger direct the the battery.

Listed below are some of the battery packs available.
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Note: Specifications subject to change so check with manufacturer to confirm.

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