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Adding iPod Input to Stereo

I decided to add a iPod input to the standard stereo. I purchased a cable that plugs into the rear of the stereo and provides a 3.5mm panel socket.
At the same time, I added a cigerette lighter socket and 2 USB sockets to the top of the dash to provide power to GPS, phone and iPad.
Aux cable was ordered from Ebay. The cable plugs into the socket at the rear of the stereo and is terminated with a 3.5mm socket. A hole was drilled in the fascia and the socket mounted.
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Removing Fascia Panel

The first thing is to remove the fascia holding the stereo. After scouring the internet, I found some vague instructions to remove it.
1. Remove aircon knobs. They just pull off.
2. Remove 2 screws behind knobs.
3. Place a paint scraper in the gap at the top of the fascia and prise open. The fascia should come out.
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