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We purchased our Aussie Swag Ultra campertrailer in 2005 after 3 years with the Heavysew soft floor campertrailer. Our needs were changing and we wanted something that was quick to put up, external kitchen, separate kids room (the children don't always come with us), and off road. So far we are more than happy with it, and it is everything we hoped for.
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Unfortunately Aussie Swag Campertrailers closed it's doors in early 2018 after 32 years of building awesome products.

There is a decent sized bed (1950mm x 1415mm x 110 (6'5" X 4'8")) which is made from high density foam with a layer of premium quality eggshell foam on top. Reading lights are fitted each side, and storage wells down the side of the beds. We use sheets (flannelette on those cold nights) and a doona rather than sleeping bags. There are also hot water bottles to pre-warm the bed when needed.


The kitchen on the Aussie Swag slides out and then folds back against the trailer. I think it is unique in this respect. There is a vinyl splash guard to protect the canvas. In addition, there is a fold up wind guard for the stove. The fridge is an 80 litre Waeco CF-80, with fridge & freezer sections. The water tank holds 130 litres, and is supplied through an electric water pump to the sink, or a gravity fed tap at the side of the trailer. A water gauge inside shows how much water is left in the tank. A 12v socket provides power to a fluorescent light hung above the kitchen.This is in addition to the light behind the sink. To see how we cook, go to Cooking.


We also have the side mounted shower room. A Primus Gas Hot Shower system was included with the trailer, but after all the problems we experienced, we changed to a Coleman Hot Water On Demand system. It runs off a small cylinder, or can connect to the 2nd gas bottle mounted on the front of the trailer. We also use it for heating washing up water etc, instead of boiling the kettle. We have now changed to a Smarttek6 gas water heater.
A Porta Potti 165 completes the "bathroom"

Kids Room

The kids room was a big plus for us. It has plenty of room, and there is a 12v socket on the side of the trailer to power a fluorescent light. Two mattresses fit end on end, the tent being about 4m long and 1.6m wide. There are plenty of windows, and a door at the end which goes into the shower tent when erected.
Note: As of December 2012, we no longer have the kids room.

Annex & Awnings

There are two awnings, the large awning which can be fully enclosed with full fly screen walls and canvas covers for further protection. The smaller awning can be fitted to either side of the trailer, providing shade to the offside when the kids room isn't fitted. We have caravan annex matting for the floor (as sold by Clark Rubber). Keeps the dirt & dust out, and let's any water through. We have used in it heavy rain, and it worked a treat.


Power for fridge, lights etc, is from 2 x 110AH Gel batteries charged by a  Xantrex TC40i 40 Amp charger and a Redarc BCDC25 Solar regulator. Charged from the car alternator while driving, solar when camped, and 240v charger when mains power is available.

For a schematic of the trailer electrics, go to the electrical schematic.

I am in the process of fitting Anderson 30A Powerpole connectors for all 12v supply inside the trailer, to replace the cigarette lighter style. The sockets on the exterior will remain, as there are no suitable weatherproof Powerpole connectors that I have found.


There is a large slide out drawer under the bed, which can be accessed when the trailer is closed (very handy when packing). There is also storage in the fridge box at the front of the trailer.
The wheels and tyres were bought to match the Pajero ie 31x10.5R15 BFG AT on 7" Track 4 steel rims. Now we have a BT50, they no longer match the tow vehicle.

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