Hot Water Systems | What we have tried and our experiences

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Hot Water Systems

We have used a number of hot water systems over the years.

We use the hot water systems primarily for showering, and washing up.

Primus Hot Shower

When we bought the Aussie Swag campertrailer in 2005, it came with the Primus Hot Shower. Unfortunately it never work well, so it was replaced with a Coleman Hot Water On Demand.
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Coleman Hot Water On Demand

The Coleman HWOD worked very well and finally failed after 5 years of use.
We then bought a second Coleman HWOD, and have had 3 failures within a short time, including replacing the battery.
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Smarttek Instant Gas Hot Water

After having the trouble with the Coleman HWOD, in January 2015 we purchased a Smarttek Instant Hot Water system.
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